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In 2018 several BC immigrants started a project to express their solidarity and experience in Canada as a welcoming society to thousands of immigrants.

The project was led by Gloria Soto, psychologist and researcher, who laid the foundations of an organization that leads processes of women's empowerment and the use of art as therapy for the construction of the social fabric.


We work for the empowerment of women, the protection of the vulnerable population, the elimination of all forms of discrimination, the creation of social fabric, the improvement of the quality of life of the family, the creation of creative spaces, to support the and artists.


Canadian Women & Art Society is a nonprofit organization, working on the empowerment of women and their fundamental rights, in the same way on the protection of the vulnerable population. We use art as a mechanism that unifies society, transforms it, creating spaces for multiculturalism, social inclusion, social fabric and resilience. We come up with creative environments, support art and artists. Our term can be developed at the local, provincial, federal or international level.


Our organization helps the empowerment of women, dissemination and promotion of human rights, protection of the vulnerable population, promoting art as a means to transform society.


In 2025 we will be a leading organization in scenarios, in which the quality of life of women and the vulnerable population in general is improved, pioneers in the use of art-therapy tools, promoting art and artists, through educational tools, creating new inclusive social dynamics.


• Solidarity: We help to create a more and just inclusive society.

Commitment: All our efforts are aimed at fulfilling our mandate, respecting human rights and strengthening Canadian identity.

• Excellence: We take a scientific approach to research and develop creative environments where the individual and multiculturalism are expressed.

• Synergy: Social change is the result of the interaction of the whole of society in its different forms of expression. We work with other organizations, individuals or state entities.

• Respect: We believe that diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism are a source of cultural richness. We accept others, regardless of their condition, whether their gender, religion, race, or nationality.

• Voluntary work: Voluntary work and altruism are values of our organization.

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    123, New Lenox, Chicago IL 60606

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    8:00am, 9:15am, 11:00am

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