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Surrey Latin Festival

This project creates spaces for expression to achieve art-therapy, through social fabric, inclusion, and cultural cohesion, generating multiculturalism, artistic expression, tourism and labor resources.

It is held through SLF, a three day summer festival in the city of Surrey, BC, Canada. It shows the point of distinction and expression of different forms of art.

Workshop - Networking

Through this programme we give different training that helps social integration, carrying out training tasks, productive projects, commercial inclusion, in the labor and cultural market to different people giving priority to women, minorities and in general to people with high risk of social isolation and training in different labor fields.

● Food Safe Level 1:

We have a food handling course that teaches how to work in a safe place and to have adequate sanitary measures. Obtaining the certificate will enable you to work in food businesses, be an operator of establishments and frontline food service workers. This course is instructor-led, in your language and authorized by FOODSAFE Level 1 of BC.

● Let’s talk:

A program that brings together women entrepreneurs, artisans, and other small businesses to create networking networks that will strengthen the local economy, and includes exhibitions, events, and more

● Artisans in the Mall:

Our project was born out of the need for inclusion in the Canadian social environment, helping female migrant entrepreneurs to get potential clients by making their products known and to obtain a broader social, professional and commercial network.

Arts for All

● Kanata:

In this project we look to create an inclusive social fabric, allowing the vulnerable population integration into Canadian society.

● Artists:

We empower through festivals, competitions and events to beginner musical artists to make them known and be included in the Canadian environment. Like: Vive la Salsa, Natanahel, among others.


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