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Surrey Latin Festival

This project creates expression spaces to achieve art-therapy, through social fabric, inclusion, and cultural cohesion, generating multiculturalism, artistic expression, tourism and labour resources.

It is held through SLF a three day festival, summer and in the city of Surrey, BC, Canada. It shows point of distinction and expression of different forms of art.


Its origin in Afro-Brazilian drums. Kanabu is an expression that encloses performance, music and choreography.

This project will begin in 2020, in BC Canada

In this project we seek to create an inclusive social fabric, it allows vulnerable people to integrate into Canadian society.

Kanabu is boundary free given welcome to everyone.

To belong to Kanabu you must be Canadian or permanent resident, over 16 year old (minor with parental permission or legal representative).

The participant does not have to have musical knowledge; he will find a new world to discover through art. It is important that you have some flexibility to show up at events across the providence.

Values: multiculturalism, inclusive, boundary free

Diversity Carnival

It’s a winter festival, held inside a community hall, set according to the different carnivals of South America; in it we give the opportunity to local artists and artisans to share with the public in general their production.

Training workshop

Throughout the year we carry out training tasks in different fields such as women’s empowerment, productive projects and training in different fields.

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    123, New Lenox, Chicago IL 60606

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    8:00am, 9:15am, 11:00am

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